A full range of services to look after your pet’s well-being

We welcome you in an air-conditioned room. Our consultations are by appointment in order to minimize your waiting time.

A large area is reserved for food products. Our staff is trained and at your disposal to advise you on the most suitable food for your pet.

We also have a wide range of toys, all of which are of controlled quality.

  • Surgery
  • Consultation
  • Dermatology
  • Echography
  • Hospitalization


The continuous training of our four practitioners and our high level of equipment allow us to offer a very wide range of surgical procedures, both in soft tissue surgery and bone surgery or even in laparoscopic surgery. Two operating theatres are at our disposal.

All surgeries are performed under isoflurane gas anaesthesia and monitored with full cardiorespiratory monitoring (capno,...).

We have recently acquired a new anaesthesia machine with the latest generation respirator which makes anaesthesia of your companions even safer.

moniteur d'anesthésie

anaesthesia monitor

We perform these surgeries for our clients but also on a referral basis for colleagues who wish to do so.

At Centre Vet, particular emphasis is placed on pain management and we do our utmost to minimise pain as much as possible. We also carry out injections with hyaluronic acid as infiltrations if these can relieve chronic joint pain.


Three large consulting rooms allow us to accommodate even the largest families...

A diagnosis as precise as possible will be made in the most varied fields and for a range of species that we hope will be as wide as possible.

consultation canine centrevet consultation chat à centrevet 
coupe de griffe à centrevet consultation chat à centrevet
Tortue à centrevet


Dermatology represents the majority of the reasons for consultation for dogs and cats. It goes without saying that we are trained and equipped to treat this type of pathology, even for the most complex cases.


Our latest generation ESAOTE ultrasound machine is a four-probe device that allows us to perform very high quality imaging and echo-guided biopsies or echocardiographies.



Our patients are naturally hospitalised, either for a day or for a long period, and we pay particular attention to the quality of this hospitalisation and to the feelings of these little patients who are so sensitive to the absence of their usual landmarks. Visits are encouraged if the animal's condition allows it.

A cattery is independent of the canine hospitalisation.

chien hospitaliser à centrevet


Several cage sizes guarantee a suitable surface for each animal. A secure outdoor area also allows the dogs to have some freedom when possible, independently of the twice-daily walks with our nurses.

An isolated kennel is reserved for contagious animals in quarantine.

All these premises are under permanent video surveillance.

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